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What we offer

Police Protection in Private Security

D.B. Sontz Security & Investigations provides police protection in the private sector for any industry. We use active duty and retired police officers to provide top notch security services for luxury retail stores, auction houses, art galleries, high-end events, financial institutions, workplace violence situations, employee terminations, executive protection services, monitoring overnight construction in retail stores and much more.   

Private Investigations

Providing investigative services regarding insurance fraud, skip tracing, people searches, workman's comp claims, process serving, criminal background checks, missing persons, counter surveillance and much more.

Why Choose Us

D.B. Sontz Security & Investigations is owned and operated by a retired member of the New York City Police Department and is committed to providing clients with a boutique level of quality customer service which will demonstrate a genuine appreciation to their individual security and investigative needs. 

Headquartered in New Jersey, D.B. Sontz Security & Investigations provides services in New Jersey and New York City. We are licensed, bonded and insured in New Jersey and New York State. Call us at 844-327-6689 today.

Specialty services

Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence & Threats shootings in the workplace employee terminations

Providing security coverage for employee terminations, death threats and 24 hour residential security coverage for business executives and their employees.

Private Investigations

Private Investigations

Assisting in gathering information regarding fraud, auto repossessions, civil and criminal cases, cohabitation, judgement recovery, background checks and process serving.

Workman's Comp Fraud

Workman's comp fraud

Utilizing video surveillance and other techniques to protect you and your business against workman's comp claims and frivolous slip and fall lawsuits.

Skip Tracing Searches

skip tracing skip taking debt recovery deadbeats

Locating debtors who have defaulted, former tenants, clients or customers who have failed to pay for services rendered and assist with debt recovery.

Counter Terrorism

Counter Terrorism

Providing NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force trained officers to detect and deter terroristic activities. 

Missing Persons

missing persons

Aiding parents and legal guardians in the return of loved ones with the help of law enforcement and the community.

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